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Services to the homeless

Outreach // Food, Prayer, and Life Coaching  

We bless the homeless with a hot meal and water every week. We travel from camp to camp and go to places rarely ever seen by the general public. As we get more financial support, and food sponsors, we will continue to expand our reach. Isaiah 58:10 “Feed the hungry! Help those in trouble! Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you shall be as bright as day.”


Mentorship & Guidance // Inspiring change

We get to know the homeless on a very personal level allowing us the ability to inspire change through genuine friendships. We evaluate ways to assist them in their transition into working society by customizing a plan that is specific to their needs. Our goal at Street Life Project is not just sustainability; it's providing them the tools and assistance they need to make a permanent life transformation.

Obtaining Benefits // Veteran, Social Security, Disability, ID Cards, Food Stamps, etc.

We want to assist those that have earned financial stability but lack the means of navigating the processes to obtain financial security that could ultimately get them off the streets. This could be as simple as getting an identification card so someone can get a cellphone or apply for Medi-Cal, CalFresh, or other assistance. We are also connected with HUD and the Continuum of Care and are able to do onsite risk assessments/applications to connect people for housing assistance such as raid rehousing or permanent supportive housing.


Rehab Placement // Getting clean

We direct the homeless with addictions to the rehab centers that will fit their immediate needs. We give instruction on acquiring placement and follow the process through detox and drug/alcohol counseling. Our goal is to have a plan of action upon there completion of the program, and smooth transition into transitional housing.


Emergency Shelter Placement // A safe place

It’s important that the homeless have a safe environment while they look for a job, so we assist in finding them a shelter. We network with emergency shelters and track the availability to open beds for immediate placement. We also know of existing life skill programs that some shelters provide that may be a benefit to those we are helping.


Clothing // For job interviews and those in the streets

We provide clothing and supplies to people that are going though the Street Life Project program. We also take clothing, blankets, and supplies out to the homeless camps.


Toiletries & Supplies // Hygiene and necessities

We provide essential supplies to make life a little easier on the streets. It could be as simple as a tarp to protect them from the harsh weather or trash bags so they can keep their living environment clean. We also provide items for hygiene, like a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, combs, toilet paper, shavers etc. We want to provide them with these items so they can feel good about themselves and keep them less susceptible from acquiring life-threatening diseases due to living in unsanitary conditions. It's so important that they feel self-worth so they can see themselves taking the next step.


Hair cuts and eye glasses // Getting cleaned up

Looking clean cut is so important for their confidence and job scouting. We have networked with hair stylists that donate their services. We also know of programs for acquiring glasses for the homeless as well, and assist them in this process.


Resume Building and Job Scouting // Inspiring change

It’s imperative the homeless get a job so they can become self-sufficient. We assist them in putting together a professional resume and work on their interview skills making sure they can respond correctly to most common interview questions. We then get them suited up and drive them to locations around the valley to drop off resumes. So far we have had a 100% placement with some acquiring two jobs.


Permanent Housing Placement

After someone has landed a job and has collected enough paychecks to cover housing expenses, we help find them a permanent residence. For some it’s an apartment and others it may be a room for rent. Once we find a place our team gets together and furnishes it with bed, sofas, TV, toiletries, etc.  We want them to feel special, and make it a joyous day of celebrating the first day of no longer being homeless.


Church // Bringing the homeless to Church

Every week we travel to the homeless camps to pick up around fifty homeless for church. So many people want to experience Sunday service and it's amazing the impact faith has on their life transformation. We have seen first hand how God can heal people from the inside out.


Video Documentaries // View at

Be inspired by life changing stories of people going through the Street Life Project program. In the beginning of someone’s journey we video their story, sharing what put them on the streets. Then we continue to film their progress as they go through various stages of their life transformation. Our goal is to use video to change the negative perception of homelessness and to encourage community participation. We also share these video documentaries in the streets to inspire change in their peers.


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