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Life Transformations


When we met Michael, he was living in the trees by a freeway. We could tell just how special Michael was the moment we met him. We asked him if he wanted help and he eagerly jumped at the opportunity. He now has a job at Target, lives in a casita, and supports his own living expenses. He had been through some hard times and all he needed was someone to provide guidance and love. We are so proud of you, Michael!


We met Maria on the streets of downtown Palm Springs. One of our volunteers saw what a gentle, sweet soul she was and immediately offered her a place to stay until she was able to get on her feet. We got her new clothes, started working with her on her finances to save for permanent housing. We are so happy to have her part of the Street Life Project family.

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Bird has been like a mother to many of those in the streets. Elizabeth,  a young lady who we had worked with to get off the streets, shared her journey to recovery with Bird and motivated her to make a change, get sober and get off the streets. Bird worked hard to get her sobriety and is now off the streets! She is excited about her new life, has joined the Street Life Project outreach team and is helping her friends get off the streets. She is also a public speaker and shares her testimony often. In the beginning, she was shy speaking in public, but now she is bold and strong when she shares her testimony. She will change many of her peers' lives with her influence and love!


We met this amazingly sweet girl who joined us at church one weekend. Lacy was homeless and hurting. We all connected with her kind heart, which can be felt by anyone who meets her. She told us that she wanted a new life free from addiction, so we drove her to a rehab center out of town. When she gets out of rehab she will have a husband and two beautiful kids waiting for her with open arms. She said that she is so excited to have them back, but with tears in her eyes told me how sorry she is for all the pain she has caused! She also said it would be her dream to start a Street Life Project outreach team in the Hemet area and help others. God is awesome!!!!

NEEDED: Prayers while she is going through rehab.


We met Elizabeth one night during outreach. She was living in a homeless camp and had just gotten out of rehab with nowhere to go. She now has a life coach to keep her on track. We provided her with a casita until she gets a job, and a few paychecks to save for her own place. She has the resume complete, and has been job hunting every day. She is also enrolled in school to pursue a degree, and has stayed drug free. We are so proud of her!


David had been living under a bridge addicted to heroin for 30 years. We spent over a year getting to know him and developing a close friendship. Through the consistent effort mentoring him, David made the decision to change. He went to rehab and got clean. We then connected David with a transitional home and helped put his resume together so we could scout for jobs. The picture on the right is him filling out a resume. He has also volunteered to speak at our outreach events and inspire others to get clean and get off the streets. During our time working with David, he found out that he also needed to clear up an old drug possession charge and was placed in jail. It seemed like a setback, but we have been told by those in the streets that while he was in jail he was been preaching and giving hope to those around him. Sometimes God has a purpose we don't always understand.


UPDATE: David's charges were cleared and he is still sober and living in his own apartment! 


We had been feeding Bill out in his camp in the desert for a long time, and we kept telling him we could help him. One day, Bill decided to join us for church, and after service we spent time talking with him about getting off the streets. Our team worked up a plan to get him off the streets and that same week we were able to place him in a home on a beautiful ranch. When we visit him now, he tells us it's like living in heaven on earth. He loves his new life and is 100% self sufficient!

UPDATE: Bill moved to Montana...a place he lived when he was younger and often talked about moving back there one day! SLP was able to help him with a bus ticket to Montana. He often spoke about his dream of fishing the beautiful rivers, lakes and streams! 


We had prayed for Ramos in the streets behind a local supermarket. Little by little, he got the courage to make a positive change in his life and chose to go to rehab and get clean. He was doing great, staying sober and no longer in the streets. He was sharing his testimony with so many people and a living example of God's LOVE. Unfortunately, Ramos was hit by a car and killed. The video is his him sharing his testimony. Ramos was able to help so many brothers and sisters struggling with addiction. His walk with God was so strong and he had found his purpose in life! His legacy lives on. We will never forget you Ramos. We love you and feel blessed to have met you and be part of your journey! Until we meet again!


Richard is so proud of his accomplishments, as he should be! He went from homeless, using drugs, and breaking the sober and inspiring others to live a Godly life. We helped Richard with his resume and job scouting, and it wasn't long before he landed two jobs!!!! He now joins the Street Life Project every week and serves the people he used to hang with. Not only does he serve, but he is also our public speaker on occasion. Who better to inspire change than someone that's been there?


This 19 year old young man took a piece of our hearts. He's sweet, kind and was not given a chance at a good life with both parents on drugs. All 9 of his brothers and sisters are in foster care, with him being one of the oldest. He is disabled due to a disease that has left no feeling in his leg. Not all homeless are out there due to drugs or being lazy. We took him to get his birth certificate and social security number. We are working on getting him disability and medical. Once that's accomplished, we will find him a place to live. We all made a commitment to each other, including him, that we will do the hard work and get him off the streets.

NEEDED: Prayers while goes through his journey.

Karina and Dominick

Karina and Dominick had lost their home from unfortunate circumstances that were beyond their control. We helped them design and print resumes, purchased clothes for them, and took them job hunting. Dominick and Karina both landed jobs from our search. They are both incredibly talented people and will be back on their feet in no time!


Teressa had been living under a bridge for 30 years, addicted to heroin. Through consistent mentoring, she decided to change her life. Teressa went to rehab to get clean, but became very sick which caused her to leave early. She remained clean for several months, but later relapsed. She is now making calls to get back on the waiting list so she can get the full treatment. She is determined to make it this time around.

NEEDED: Prayers for recovery.


When Denise reached out to us she had just left an unhealthy situation. She had one pair of clothes, no money, and no job. We helped here with a resume, got her a new wardrobe, went job hunting, and placed her in a home with a life counselor until she is financially stable. She landed a job managing a company and is on her way! She is also volunteering in the ministry.


In the beginning, Stuart didn't want to tell us his name and explained it was a waste of our time trying to help him. He had given up on life! As our friendship progressed, he started attending church and seeing a different side of life. He decided it was time for a change. Well, a few days before he was to go into rehab we got an emergency call. We drove him to Eisenhower where he was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and went directly into surgery. He was hospitalized for several weeks. He claims we saved his life because he said no one else would have helped him. Once he got out of the hospital, he went into rehab and got clean. Stuart then moved into an apartment close to his family and his daughter. Never give up on life!!!!

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